Winter bathe into the Näsijärvi, after the sauna
Some pictures taken when I plunged into the Näsijärvi lake
(in Tampere, Finland) after I had a "traditional" sauna
(the one with the wooden fire boiler): Kaupinojan Sauna

Lauantai 16 Marraskuu 2002  [ Saturday 16th November 2002 ]

Although you could find it strange, having a sauna (about 90 °C ; 194 °F),
going outside (about -5 °C ; 23 °F), plunge into the water (1.8 °C ; 35 °F),
going out again and staying in the open air for a few minutes
gives you a wonderful well-being feeling! If you do it repeatedly it's fantastic!
So don't let you be misled by the expression I seem to have in some pictures…

Unfortunately the lake wasn't frozen yet; when it is, it will be still possible to have a bath
passing through a hole in the ice (an "avanto", as Finnish people call it)!

Honour to Finnish honesty: I was there alone, and for taking pictures I placed
my trust in people I met there.
I had to entrust my camera to the "photographer", while I went inside to "accumulate"
warmth in the sauna, before the bath. They could steal it with no problems at all.

I love this country!
Note: the last two photo were taken around four o' clock in the afternoon.
The sky seems darker than it actually was, because the flash was used;
it was quite dark anyway…
Just outside
the sauna…
Around 16:00

 _______   _______   ______    _______   _     __  _______
/o _____] /o ___  \ /o __  \  /__ o __] /o|   / / /o _____]
|o/___    |o/___| | |o/__\ /     |o/    |o|  / /  |o/_____
|o ___]   |o ___  | |o ___ \     |o|    |o| / /   \_____  \
|o|       |o|   | | |o|___\ |  __|o|__  |o|/ /     _____] |
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