The beautiful Cembra Valley

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Since 2004, the site that loves the Cembra Valley: be wary of the replicas  
[last update: November 2008]

The Cembra Valley, in Trentino, is a not well known beauty.

Many people may even ignore that this place exists, with all its naturalistic attractions, with its dialect, the Cembran (*), which still keeps characters of the Ladin language, with its people, traditions, scents…
I discovered it in recent times too.

The Avisio winds in the valley,
near Cantilaga 1

Fortunately, the valley isn't devoted to a mass tourism: the people who love quietness, woods, trekking, nature will enjoy it. Besides, its roads are excellent for cycling (indeed, both Moser and Simoni are Cembran cyclists).

This humble site aims to show some of its beauties: I hope it'll make the reader curious, induce him to look for some more information and, maybe, tempt him to pass some pleasant time in this valley: Elio Antonelli defines it «[…] alpine in its scenery, mediterranean in its climate, silent, restful, wild.» (Segonzano e Sevignano page 7 [quote translated by me]).

After all, the valley is an excellent place to start toward the discovery of Trentino and a base for reaching its many winter sports resorts.

General description of the Valley

How to arrive to the Cembra Valley

Weather in the zone
The brook Avisio in the Cembra Valley 2

The links below point to some significant Cembran subjects.  
Obviously, the list doesn't grasp in exhaustive way the richness of the valley: from time to time I'll add some new arguments.
[last update: November 2008]


  • The Pyramids of Segonzano
  • The Castle of Segonzano  
  • Albrecht Dürer
  • Geological “oddnesses”:
    the ice holes,
    the volcanic bombs


  • Places to visit (not only pyramids ):


  • Available cartography
  • The European Trail E5  
  • The Dürer's Trail  

  • The wine, the local grappa and related vicissitudes  
  • The Cembran dialect
  • (notes on the transcription of the Cembran)

  • The porphyry: the red gold
  • Cembran gastronomy


  • A selections of the legends of the Cembra Valley
    (there are a lot of them):
  • A little bit of history:


  • The Canta dei mesi (allegorical performance in Cembra)
  • Cembran nicknames
  • Segonzano & Segonzac: between etymology and twinning
  • Tourist information on the Cembra Valley (from the site TrentinoTIS ® on line)  
  • Books about the Cembra Valley (in Italian)
  • Links about the Cembra Valley

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